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Where all you need is to "Just Taste"

If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough”, is a quote I heard someone state while speaking at an event in high school. Since hearing that quote, I’ve stood by it and made it a personal motto because as a teenager I’ve always wondered if what I’m trying to accomplish in my life, is going to change the world, or if I am doing the right thing for myself. My name is Chef Justice. I am the owner and founder of JustTaste Cuisine & Bakery. I found my passion for cooking at age 13, watching my grandmother cook and create memorable dishes. I was born and raised in Charlotte NC. I attend North Carolina Central University. JustTaste Cuisine & Bakery offers amazing, remarkable, and luxurious services that will be remember able Just Taste Cuisine & Bakery specializes in creating dishes with fresh, quality ingredients. When we're not whipping up fabulous recipes, we can be found exploring great ethnic neighborhoods in Charlotte NC , discovering new inspirations to share with you. So whether you’re looking for someone to help you plan an event or simply refresh your menu, reach out today.

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