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The rate is $50 per hour + cost of groceries for on-site  in-home meal preparation. The hourly rate for meal planning, grocery shopping, and travel from market  to home is $50 per hour. The number of hours will vary due to the amount of meals and their complexity. Typically, a week's worth of entrees with sides will take about 3 hours to prepare, and about 2 hours to factor in custom menu planning, shopping, packaging, and clean-up.

NOTE: There is a one-time container charge of $75 for the packaging of your meals. These are durable, high-quality, re-usable containers.

Budget- You set a budget for your experience when making your request. Chef Justice then consults with you for menus reflecting your budget and preference.

Kitchen Requirements- We require all clients to have a kitchen on site for the chef to provide proper service. The kitchen should be cleaned and sanitized upon arrive. Absolutely NO GUEST are allowed in the kitchen while the chef is preparing the food.

Groceries- Groceries will be provided by the chef the day of event.  

Deposit- When booking your personal chef serves there will be a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to reserve your date. The remaining balance is required 48 hours prior to your event. Any late payments will result in a $50 late fee, if not paid your event will be canceled. 

Travel Chef Services- If a client wishes to book within a different city or state, a starting fee of $150 will be applied to the clients bill.

Gourmet Meal Prep: Price List
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